Ladies who Lunch

today was a leisurely lunch with the girls. good times. i just love these 2 ladies!

in other news...i have decided to learn how to knit. someone smack me on the fanny and call me granny. yes folks, it's scarves for christmas all around. prepare yourselves. i might even get a rocking chair and start wearing a shawl, too.

when am i going to fit in this new pastime? i have absolutely no idea. it's 1:45 am and i'm blogging, do i look like i have good time management skills?

hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


latte_grande said...

Lol, great pic! Have fun learning to knit...let us know how you like it! :)

Zoey said...

aww look how cute y'all are! lovely ladies three. glad you're enjoying your weekend heidi, can't wait to see what you KNIT!

celeste said...

lol you are a crackup. knitting huh? well if anyone can, you can. good luck! great pic, love black & white photos.

kyralynn said...

look at those big smiles. girlfriends make life bearable, don't they?

i'll be watching for your knitted creations...you are a braver woman than i.