Christmas Cookie ATC Swap

There are usually several swaps going on over at TallyScrapper, and this one is being hosted by Tally's owner, Christine. I couldn't resist - on most days I abhor the kitchen, and if you know me, you know that cooking and I don't play well together.

Still, during the holidays, I have the tendency to get my martha stewart groove on and bake a few things.

The swap group is 25 ladies, thus we each make 25 cards, send them to Christine, and she sends us back a set of each different recipe. The cards we are using are designed to go on the 7 Gypsies ATC Holder, but I don't have one of those...yet! :)

My contribution is for Holly Jolly Christmas Magic Bars, which have been a tradition in my family forever. (aka 7-layer magic bars, I added the little holly jolly part because i tweaked the recipe to include mint chips.) My mom ROCKS the magic bars, and Kirk usually gets his own box full from her each year, one of his favorite gifts.

The ATC's are coming along, I am not quite finished, but here's the progress so far.

I have to admit they are taking me forever to finish, lol. Anyone else tend to overcommit themselves?

I am looking forward to seeing what the other participants came up with, those I have seen so far are outstanding! What a fun way to keep holiday recipes, too. Thanks for stopping by!


~Kammie~ said...

oh, oh I haven't even started mine yet, well I have and I haven't BUT now I may have to change them up a bit--yours rock!!!! those turned out great!!!!!! still not use to this small size to work with---not enuf space for what I want to do LOL

and yes, I overcommitt too much said I wouldn't do this again BUT I only did one set instead of 2 this time LOL

BTW, love your new banner :O)

{raisingAlexis} said...

wow, those look ... well, YUMMY!

(p.s. the kitchen and I was wary of each other also!)

Zoey said...

ok those bars look so freakin yummy! and your tags are amazing, what else is new? :)

celeste said...

those are gorgeous! gorgeous!!!