3 Cheers for the Oddball

This video just makes me happy. It's an old song, but it has all of the elements of a great music video, in my humble opinion: cute strange kid, dancing bees, long haired tattoo'd musicians stopping to smell flowers, the works.

I can't help smiling.

So, on a boring, blah Wednesday, here's to all of us that are just a little "not sane." May we all find our soulmates in green fields and wave our freak flags proudly!


~Kammie~ said...

too funny...that was "our" song so to say when me and dh first got together.....LOL always forget about this song-we always call it the "bumblebee" song

TheresaK said...

You won on my blog!!
Thanks for playing!!

Zoey said...

LOVE that song, is that singer high or what, lol.

Kristina said...

ok...don't tell anybody....but I LOVE that song =)

sheila said...

me too me too!!! love that song, but the video makes me smile. we've all been there. :0)