Every 3-4 months you get one of these...and for that, I'm sorry.  I've not been actively involved in the blogosphere for awhile...but occasionally I get a few messages from you, loyal visitors, asking where the hell I've been.  This, then, is for you...and for me.  An update on the life and times of Heidi since the photo at the left was taken in December:

Kirk and I have continued playing various mmorpg games online, now before you start to wonder if I will ever upload a creative project ever again, here's what we did with our office in order to accommodate both our gaming relaxation time and our music/art, all in one place:

<-- Desks bought at ikea then arranged in a Z shape so we can each sit in our own little cubby, but still talk, see each other, and reach over for the occasional fist-bump when we "down a boss." 

The best part is...all I have to do is spin my chair around, and I'm face to face with all of my art supplies & a big work area just waiting for me to create.  I LOVE IT.
Other than that, there's been work. Audits, audits, crises and more audits have kept me working overtime pretty much since New Year's.  It's all good.  My office needs rearranging, but for now, it looks like this...one big pile of concentrated evil.  :) 

Work, games, errands, chores, life.  With a few spring rainy day photos thrown in for fun...

That about covers it, folks!  Thanks, though, for the kind messages you've sent.  I am hoping to make some regular creative time part of my ongoing schedule again soon.  I miss getting messy with paint!  When I do, you all will be the first to know...in the meantime, I would love to hear what you've been working on! 

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Tamara Theisen said...

Well, I thought I left a post, but it is not showing up so maybe it is slow in loading or something. I am not to up on this blog stuff. Lol. Was happy to see an update from you! Love the gaming set up and the "Fist Pumping". Too cute!