better to burn out...

...than fade away!    :)

somewhere in this arena full of big hair and pimpled teenaged boys...if you look really carefully, you might just see a bad little pre-teen heidi...who went to this concert, on the low-down, because her parents thought she was too young to go on a school night.  thank the gods of rock for best friends with much older rebellious sisters to take them to see def leppard at mc nichols arena.

little me, with my ripped jeans, sky-high bangs, and adoring eyes for steve clark & joe elliott...had the time of her life at this concert.  lol.  i'm not even sure my parents ever found out about this one...if not, guess the cat's out of the bag now, huh?  (sorry mom & dad, thanks for being protective of me!)

now in their defense, the parentals DID let me go to the same concert again at red rocks (on the weekend, though, and just as rockin' btw) but, there's still nothing quite like sneaking out to a rock concert on a school night...ahh, puberty.

anyway...who wants to re-live an hour of their youth with me?

guitar...drums....we're gonna fly!  lol.  *sigh*

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