...so.  have been feeling stress lately...creeping in, seeping through the cracks i've let develop in my calm shell over the last few months for a variety of reasons.  cried myself to sleep last night and couldn't figure out what was bothering me, other than buildup of random worries and fatigue, maybe.  whenever this happens, i turn to a few things...

music.  dancing.   this is not likely a surprise to my regular readers.  music gives me so much joy!  but lately i've only been enjoying it while sitting in my office working on reports or solving crises...or in the car driving from place to place...which is fine, but i need to blast some favorite tunes when i can get up and dance!  this is #1 on my to-do list for the weekend.  ;)

yoga.  it's been awhile since i've savasana'd my way to peace.  thinking it's time to dust off the ol' mat and have some om time.  i've never felt as good, or been as healthy, as when i was practicing yoga regularly.  i miss it.

writing.  journal has also been neglected in lieu of long work hours & working weekends.  time to dive back in and get some of these emotions out.

art.  this weekend i cleared off my studio table and now have my art space back.  i plan to use it...and soon.

i'll post back on my progress as i re-introduce some of these happy habits to my routine...if you feel like leaving a comment or msg'ing me with some of your favorite anti-stress practices, i'm all ears!

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