16 years ago today i married this boy: 

best.  decision.  ever.
aww, we were so young...we had matching long hair, matching guitars, matching souls.

(10/1991 - we started dating)

( i went to europe for a month with kirk's family after graduation)

 and since then we've had our fair share of ups and downs & yadda yadda...we've been through so much together...our hair is a bit greyer but even longer...and our souls still fit together.

i can honestly say that i am about as happy as a girl can be with this guy by my side.

i love you kirk!  happy anniversary, baby!
(the big day)


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ScrappyZoZo said...

you two are seriously the coolest couple i know of! truly an inspiration to the rest of us. congrats on 16 years & happy anniversary to you both!