that would be me, for getting suckered into re-designing our agency brochure for free.  with free cheesy templates with free cheesy photos.  for people who have no idea what they want and no money to pay for what they think they DO want.  i am a sucker of the worst kind.  but let's not dwell thus.

it's bloomsday!  ok, so i have never made it all of the way through finnegan's wake, even with a "guide to finnegan's wake" by my side...nor can i claim to understand all of the intricacies of ulysses.  but it cannot be denied that james joyce was pure genius.  and so, along with all literature nerds across the land, i shall celebrate bloomsday.

preferably with a guinness in hand.  but until happy hour, this will have to suffice:

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Martin Evanston said...

i think i love you! have enjoyed browsing your blog this morning...james joyce, beer, art, photography, good looks and wit. you are the total package. cheers from britain my dear!