i don't know if it's the spring sunshine, the sound of the birds outside, the fact that i had a wonderful weekend or maybe i've just had too much caffeine, but i am just tickled to death with a million little things today...

like what, you ask?

- with this playlist which is making my brain-numbing quality control audit at work a tiny bit pleasurable:

- with the almost unbearably hot cup of strong coffee (or 3) i had this morning

- with a tiny little piece of artwork on my desk at work made by my father. love him!

- with the suntan-oil-scented hand lotion given to me by a sweet friend that is making my hum-drum office smell like the beach

- with modern technology. i can do almost everything on this tiny little smartphone that i used to carry around my laptop for. and paperless files?!? hello! love them.

- with the amazing mid-70's warmth outside and the bright sun in a cloudless sky & little work-breaks to enjoy it

- with THIS necklace.

- playing this with my husband when we need a break from reality.

- and with this bi-partisan good humor:

i guess sometimes it's the little things after all. hope you find a million little things to capture your own heart this week.

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Zoey said...

hey my DH and I play a bit of rift as well, we'll have to look each other up & group sometime. let me know.

ps that necklace is gorgeous...that playlist has kept me company all morning and omg that video is hysterical. rick rolled by state congress. priceless.