...still the best medicine. working in foster care brings with it some of the most horrific stories...abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss, mental illness...there are moments of joy when children are reunited with parents who've made positive changes or when children are adopted...but overall, the work is emotionally challenging to say the least.

so to remedy the weight of the stories safely locked in my heart for the kids' sake, i look for humor as often as possible. laughing reduces stress, releases endorphins, makes me smile, lightens the mood. grandma was right, it is good medicine.

here's some of the medicine i've been taking lately:

just about anything Will Arnett does. hysterical.

or how about mr. double dream hands. don't get me wrong, this guy has a fantastic attitude & a blinding smile...but i just can't watch this without giggling. because i'm that mature.

louis ck is always a favorite. highly recommended.

as well as this guy. genius. we own every single one of his dvd's & never tire of them:

or how about a little:

happy wednesday. have a laugh.

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Sara said...

LOVE these videos!! Always been a big fan of Louis CK. Hey when are you going to get some new crafty vids up over at youtube? We miss you.