what inspires you? is it watching the sun set in a pink sky? is it a song, a poem, a book, or piece of artwork? is it someone you love, someone you admire, or someone who sends you an unexpected kind word? is it the scent of orange blossoms on a warm spring evening? how about a hot bath with a cup of oolong tea with honey or a fresh slice of papaya? doing yoga outdoors surrounded by nature, cuddling up to watch a foreign film, or hiking to the top of a mountain to take in the view?

for me, inspiration can be found in all of these things and more...as long as i'm open to it. there are days, and believe me, i have them, when i can't seem to find inspiration anywhere. to say my job is stressful is an understatement. to say i'm living paycheck to paycheck is also grossly understating the reality. to say that life is hard would be the truth. and yet.

and yet...is it that i CAN'T find inspiration? or that i WON'T. a wise woman once tossed a set of keys at me & said "try to catch these." of course, reflexively, i caught them. she then said, "there is no try. just do." she was right. but i hear myself, and others, frequently saying "i'll try." "i'll try to get that report done on time." "i'll try to exercise 3 times a week." "i'm going to try to save money." "i'm going to try to read a book a month this year."

there is no try. just do.

obviously there are going to be exceptions to this rule. but in relation to inspiration, is it that we can't find it, or is it that we aren't looking for it?

today, i'm looking for it. and guess what? i found some...

in my "daily bitch" calendar which inspired me to laugh at myself.

in a kind e-mail from an old friend, which inspired me to forgive myself.

in the laughter of some children who are visiting with their birth parents in our office playroom, who inspired me to be cheerful even when things get rough.

when i went outside to get something from my car and felt the sun on my face, which inspired me to stay out there a few minutes longer and soak in some vitamin d.

in an encouraging note from a coworker, which inspired me to do my best today.

in one of those cheesy forwarded e-mails my mom sent me this morning, which inspired me to remember that i am loved.

and when i took my morning break at work and browsed youtube for some inspiration, i found this. this one goes out to all of you. i just love india arie. talk about inspiring...i could listen to her all day.

maybe i will.

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Sera said...

you have a real way with words...i am a regular lurker on your blog but just wanted to say this post in particular spoke to me, so thanks! :)