the post in which i share the long overdue central europe travel journal and have a really long blog post title

so here it is...the central europe travel journal, with it's jam-packed-ephemera-filled-chunky-monkey-goodstuff. i am also pleased to report that it has expanded in girth since the filming of the video and is now even happier in it's gluttonous existence!

enjoy...and thanks for watching!


Connie said...

Heidi!! I love this journal so much!! It's gorgeous--I'm gonna feature it on Dirty Footprints this Saturday!

BIG Hugs!

bstaple117 said...

I absolutely love this! You have inspired me for my Paris trip. Thanks.

Megster said...

I am in love with your travel journal. All the handwriten stories will be so powerful to look at for years down the road. I want to make a similar book for my two week travels through Germany this summer. What supplies did you take with you?