how to get something done on a monday

step 1. coffee. large, i'm talking bigass cup, of coffee.
step 2. log out of facebook.
step 3. don't even log in to twitter.
step 4. check office e-mail 1 time first thing...then close it.
step 5. get out your favorite pen.
step 6. close office door if you have to in order to close out chatter, gossip, negativity.
step 7. tackle the piles. cross off list when done. if you don't have a list...make one, it feels so good to cross things off!
step 8. check e-mail only just before lunch.
step 9. TAKE A LUNCHBREAK. you might feel more productive if you work through lunch, but remember that 3:00 wall you'll slam into if you don't take a break NOW.
step 10. reward yourself every 30 minutes by standing up, stetching, maybe a simple yoga pose for 5 mintues...
step 11. check e-mail after lunch and CLOSE it again.
step 12. repeat until 5:00. unless an immediate, legitimate crisis is in progress, LEAVE the office. see step 9.

step 13. go home. BE home. tell your head that you are not at work anymore. engage in a hobby, watch a movie, get some exercise, call a friend or family member. make your outside life a priority.

you can do this balance thing.

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Irene said...

OK, so I came from YT world :) I saw these post, awesome..will sure try it.TFS!!!!