a little home for art

ARTJOURNAL.BOX.1, originally uploaded by heidi_dilley.

this is the box i am using to hold my art journal cards done for the prompts at http://www.oneyearartjournal.blogspot.com

i found a recipe box in the dollar bin at michael's & snatched it up to be sanded, collaged, painted, sprayed, and loved on. i may even add a few more details but i like how it's coming along overall. it makes a wonderful little place to keep my index card art treasures.

come join the fun by clicking HERE. have a great week!


kyralynn said...

i love your altered box! omg it's just too cool. thanks for sharing your creativity lady!

Jennifer B. said...

This is such a great idea for art! To use recipe cards and have a cool decorated/collaged/mixed media box to hold everything in! It's beautiful!

Zoey said...

super gorgeous!!

Mary said...

so fun!! I saw your interview at Connie's. came here to see your stuff and saw I was already a follower. lol