ArtJournal.UNKNOWN.sideA, originally uploaded by heidi_dilley.

this is what happened on the page when i sat down to work out prompt #3 from the One Year Art Journal prompts.

the prompt was "unknown." i realize that this word can be intimidating to a lot of people, including me, but for whatever reason, as i worked on this page, i felt more excitement and possibility than fear about the unknowns in life.

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Monica said...

Love the jigsaw! and the colours.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...


What a neat idea...to use puzzle pieces and leave one out! I also like the quote/words you used. Nice work!

Zoey said...

heidi this is FABulous. FABULOUS i say.

kyralynn said...

WOW! love the idea of using puzzle pieces...totally wonderful. great drippy paint too, love it.

rachel whetzel said...

Heidi!! I love every DETAIL!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

latte_grande said...

SO very cool...love the way the missing piece perfectly sums up the feeling of "unknown!" And your page reminded me of all the mismatched puzzle pieces I have...I think I'll make a stamp with some of them! :)