let's drink a cup of kindness yet

for auld lang syne. aka: times gone by. here's to 2009...as of yesterday, times gone by.

and here's to 2010. a year with possibility, promise, potential. there's hope.

the songs i put on my playlist to the right aren't new songs, but i chose them because they embody some of what i'm challenging myself to do more of in 2010.

- to think in a brand new way - with vision...hoping to end a bit of stagnation that got a hold of me toward the end of the year.

- to be real - to say what i think more often, to stop & chat with people more, to share myself with the world more, to be authentic.

- to see the sunrays even when it's cloudy on a beautiful day

- and especially to appreciate this lyric: so you act, so you feel, so you are

i've set some other goals too...more on that topic later. for now, wishing you a happy new year filled with good things!

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kyralynn said...

happy new year heidi! love the new blog look!