random bullet list

  • i think people who schedule to audit my office on dec 21 & 22 are somehow evil inside.
  • i think flannel pj bottoms make almost everything better.
  • i think caffe americanos are the best cuppa joe on the planet.
  • i think it's funny when people think they are "leaders" even when nobody's following.
  • i think december is the best month of the year...festive, hopeful, looking toward a shiny fresh new year.
  • i think space exploration is much more fascinating than the improbability of the paranormal
  • i think it's best to confront things honestly and directly without skirting around the bush, even if it's hard
  • i think holiday music is wonderful, unless it's the 287th time you've heard elton john yell at you to step into christmas in less than 2 weeks
  • i think everything should be covered in vintage dictionary pages with mod podge
  • i think it's difficult to prove that any country really, truly wins in a war
  • i think people are generally good, with a few quirks here and there.
  • i think scented candles are the bomb.
  • i think that when you've watched 11 farting cat videos in a row on youtube without knowing why you ever clicked on them in the first place, it's time for bed.
  • i think my husband makes beautiful music.
  • i think tim holtz makes beautiful art.
what do you think? :) i have no idea why i felt like listing these things, but i'm gonna roll with it.

happy tuesday.


Zoey said...

you are a crack-up! bullet point #1 made me laugh...and I agree about elton john, cafe americano, and youtube, lol, totally!

ps love the holiday music! i kept your blog up all day at work!

JeNniFeR said...

love your list...love how it's snowing on yoru blog too!