oh....hi there, october!

can you believe it's october? this year is moving along like an energizer bunny on crack who's had a few too many shots of espresso! not that i'm complaining - i LOVE autumn: october, cooler weather (finally!), pumpkin spice lattes, breaking out the slipper socks and flannel sheets, spicy candles, and the beginning of the holidays...

so, in addition to cleaning out my craft room and getting rid of some items i just don't use (keep watching for more sales on ebay,) i've been digging in again and finding the creative spark that seemed to be buried this summer in work, heat, and lack of energy.

i found a cute way to recycle those starbucks coffee sleeves (it's all those pumpkin lattes i've been drinking - photo to come later), started collecting items for my next "december daily" album, and signed up for an online class called "the mysteries of me" taught by elizabeth kartchner, who is very talented and just too cute - looking forward to it!

outside the craft room has been positive too! Work at Walden has finally started to hit a manageable plateau after a crazy busy summer; i've developed some new time management habits that are really helping me get more done both at home and at work; kirk and i have decided to start practicing songs again in hopes of playing some local gigs; and i'll begin working on what may be the final year of "heidi's jingle bell jam" very soon!

i hope you're enjoying fall as much as i am so far! stay tuned for photos/videos of some of these projects and a few holiday giveaways as we head toward halloween...

p.s. does it get any better than nat king cole singing about autumn? no. no it does not. :)

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