midnight snack

about a month ago (yes i know it's been awhile - again - since i've updated this here blog...i blame facebook) kirk and i got the midnight munchies on a tuesday night...headed out to the usual drive-through ugliness, when a bright idea popped into my head: "let's go to canter's!" kirk: "canter's? are you serious?" "dead serious." big smiles of mischief at each other. "alright then, let's do it!"

why the excitement? well, for one thing, we're middle aged. we should be sleeping at midnight, not indulging in cravings for carbs in the wee hours. secondly, canter's is in l.a., about an hour and a half away from home. thirdly, i had to be at work at 8 the next morning. but, the thought of warm rye bagels and coffee won out over our better instincts, and off we drove into the night.

i couldn't resist some photos of l.a. w/out the crowds...


~Kammie~ said...

love it! what program did you use to make your slideshow???? love the music too :O) you're so good

Heidi said...

thanks kammie! i did the slideshow at animoto.com - free (for 30 second videos) and EASY, makes me look good. the music was chosen from their library, too, since i didn't want to deal with any copyright issues. you should give it a go!

Ted Fisher said...

Ah definitely one thing I miss from L.A.

Not that I can't get bagels here, but Canter's is fun....

ScrapyCrafter said...

I love doing those spontaneous out of the blue craziness get up and go, lets do it, last minute late nite getaways!
We just did that on a Thursday night from Orange County to Vegas!

U say you are 1 hour away from Canter's. Where u guys located? I've been there! They sure do have some yummy food late night!

Good to see you back in the good ol' blog!


Marti said...


What a great slideshow on a super midnight run! LA without the crowds. Nice to think of Canter's again too! I can taste the rye bagels and rugula. How creative you are - This is definitely a creation to keep!

Love you,