Scrappy Hour: 52Q Mini Art-Journal progress

okay, one last scrappy hour video before this lovely weekend comes to an end. i'm sure getting a kick out of making these! talked to my dad today who said "yeah those are pretty cool...so what'll it be next month?" ha ha. well, i admit to being a bit adhd with my regular features around here...my whole life is like this. i don't really do anything on a regular basis (outside of the usual...you know...bathing, eating, working blah blah blah...)

so, enjoy it while it lasts, people! a closer look at the 52Q pages you've seen a few photos of before...

thanks for stopping by...have a GREAT week!


jess1984 said...

OH. MY. GOD. love it. i might look into those and start doing it too, it's not too late??

kyralynn said...

this is fabulous!! i wanna play too!!