dad, you're the greatest...

my dad calls me "kiddo" even though i'm 36 years old. he still sends me stocking stuffer toys at christmas. my dad makes me feel like a child at heart.

my dad makes sack lunches for the homeless people in his area. he would do just about anything he could for his "kids," even though we're all well beyond old enough to take care of ourselves. :) my dad dotes on little ones, gives freely, and puts thought into his gifts (no generic gift cards from this guy!) my dad inspires me to be generous too.

my dad worked his butt off for 30 years at coors while making sacrifices of himself to provide for the people he loves. he modeled a flawless work ethic for us. my dad taught me to do my best and work hard.

my dad is retired and making sure to enjoy every minute. my dad plays golf. he makes art. he reads. my dad travels, goes fishing, and takes drives in the mountains in his little sports car. he loves his pets, and he takes long naps in his hammock. my dad reminds me to make time to enjoy life.

my dad is proud of my work as a social worker. he is proud of my brother's job as a golf professional. he is proud of his girlfriend's children too. as different as i am from my brother, we are equally loved by our dad, and we know it. my dad inspires me to be non-judgmental.

i could go on, but suffice it to say my dad pretty much rocks. :)

here's a little video, i made a similar one last year, but it's all still true and valid, so i spruced it up a bit.

happy father's day to the coolest dad on the planet. i love you!


Zoey said...

this is beautiful, heidi!

kyralynn said...

aww that is lovely! how did you get the text on top of the photos? what a great dad you have...

Stephanie said...

Geez Heidi!! I have to tell you .. you made the most beautiful video! It made me cry :) so sweet!! :) Thank you for sharing it with us.
with a grin,

Oh.. and thanks for leaving a comment on my video on my mini. super sweet - thanks. now I gotta go get a tissue!