Lunch Ladies

Just a quick peek at a layout I did last night for the "office" challenge week 8 over at Tally. You've seen this picture before...these are my friends from work, Stephanie and Danielle. D has left us and started private practice, so we three gals have lunches together now and then.

The challenge was this:
- cover chipboard elements with newspaper
- use letter stickers to title and paint over them
- put photos in the right corner
- include numbers on the layout

I sanded the top part of the photo, which was an ugly parking lot, to make room for my writing.
Wish I was having a fun lunch with friends now, instead of preparing for an audit at work!

Kirk and his mom are spending the day in San Diego having lunch with friends and seeing the sights...*sigh*...I love San Diego...but I'm not jealous at all....not me. I love my dim, paper-piled office and would much rather sit here and deal with obnoxious people on the phone and audit my case files. Seriously.

Ahh who am I fooling. Back to work. :)

Happy Hump Day!


Zoey said...

heidi i LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!! those owls, that paint, the way you scratched out the top of the photo...EVERYTHING! you are really developing your scrap style. more more more!

kyralynn said...

love this. i wish i was in san diego too girl. hate the working life.

Steph Saucedo said...

hehehehe!! You're sooo funny! Wow, Heidi, you are so so so creative! I luv being part of our 3-musketeers and yep, I think we are about due for a lunch! :D Where's the parking lot?!?! haha j/k!

melanie king said...

gorgeous rockin layout girl! y'all look too cute!

{raisingAlexis} said...

sweet layout!

cristina s. said...

looooove it! :) what's that background paper? also what is the paper with the printing, did you use real newspaper? i love how you sanded the photo i would not think of that.