gifts for great gals

...these are little "new year kits" for the girls i supervise. social work in foster care is demanding, stressful, and never ends...so i want to welcome the gals back with some fun goodies to help them get their year off to a great start at work.

i altered the little calendars (found at michael's dollar bins) to personalize them for each lady, and tied those on the front of the kit.

inside the cans are paper clips, rubber bands, cute clips, a set of highlighters, a new (nice) pen, some everyday pens, hand-sanitizer (working with kids involves germs aplenty!), lotion, chapstick. oh, and chocolate. no new year's survival kit would be complete without chocolate at our office! :)

i'm thankful to work with such dedicated social workers. they make my job easier. so here's a shout out to my team - thanks for all you do each day! i'm looking foward to working with you in 2009.


kyralynn said...

what a neat gift idea...wish you were MY superviser.

celeste said...

those are friggin cute! i agree with kyralynn - can you be my supervisor too? bet they loved 'em!

Zoey said...

how sweet! i love them, where did you find those cans?

{Shirley} said...

these ROCK Heidi, that is so sweet of you to take care of the ladies you work with!

Shan said...


You ROCK! What a great way to give them something special to start the new year!