hooray for

holiday action the likes of...

shopping for unique and thrify gifts in cool bookstoresdickens, traditional stories, and local community theatresecret snowman at work, i loved my surprise office decorations
and scrappy shopping with good friends on a friday
sending off packages full of love and music to people i love
connecting with people i haven't heard from in a long while via e-mail, snail mail, phone...
helpful hubbies
and general holiday merry-making

(sorry photos of these favorites are still stuck in my camera)

and....drumroll please....you asked for it, so it's coming soon: d.i.y.dilley - how to have a do-it-yourself holiday the heidi way!

hope you all had a good weekend. i'm coming down with the flu or something, so off to bed with me....g'nite!


kyralynn said...

neat to see you're enjoying your holidays heidi! great photos.

vannasmom said...

hope you start feeling better , love the way you took the picture of the ornament .. great shot

Zoey said...

yay for happy times. glad to see you are having fun sweet gal!

celeste said...

ooo love the shot of you in the xmas bulb, and can't wait for the heidi d.i.y. info! have a good week!