Developing Myself...

...is an ongoing task. I will never stop learning, growing, developing, changing, and the process is often challenging and rewarding at the same time.

As part of this process, a friend of mine (yay Danielle!) invited me to join her in taking a free online course at Jessica Sprague dot com. It's called "Stories in Hand," and is geared toward helping us get our "stories" together. I'm looking forward to it. Class started today...I'll post my progress as we go.
In other news, my MIL, Marti, has been visiting with us for the past week, and it is always wonderful to have her stay with us! Yes, did you hear that, world? I LOVE my mother in law! It's true! I know how blessed I am by how many complaints I hear on a daily basis about other MIL's. Well, mine is a keeper, I love her to pieces. She has recently returned from a trip to China, and will be staying with us until later this week when she'll drive back to Missouri to be with family for the holidays. We've enjoyed some nice conversations, a walk at the UCR Botanic Gardens last weekend, some movies (both good and not-so-hot), some games, and tonight after my long day at work: snacks and a game of UpWords.
In crafty news, Danielle and I did get together to work on our December Daily albums on Saturday, and had a great time. We didn't finish....late start, leisurely chatty lunch, choosing 31 papers from a huge stack, well you know how that goes...but we did get our books basically assembled, now all that's left is to modify and decorate the pages a little bit and add the numbers. I will also update the progress with that as December nears. I decided to use an old hardcover book to make my cover, I will post a photo of that soon, too, I LoVe how it turned out.
Anyone have any other great holiday projects to share? Post a link in the comments if you have found something too good to pass up.
Will be working on setting a goal for myself in 2009: do something creative every day. EVERY DAY. More to come.
Hope you are all having a great week and take some time tomorrow to reflect on what our brave veterans have done for our country.

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kyralynn said...

I was thinking of taking that Class too. I don't have time right now, but let me know how it goes. Have a great day Heidi!