Survivor Challenges Etc

Ok enough politics for awhile, for pete's sake it's Friday and my brain hurts. :) I do love hearing from those of you who've e-mailed and/or posted comments about your thoughts on the presidential race.

As for Survivor...I don't watch the show...I lost interest after the very first season. BUT, over at TallyScrapper there's a game we play called Survivor and it's all about getting scrapbooking challenges done on time and by the rules. I barely made it into the first week's challenge (procrastination is my middle name) by uploading it at literally around 11:55 before the midnight deadline. Whew! No exile island for me. We are in week 2 and it is ON.

Here are my first two weeks:

Challenge 1 was to have the Title "life is beautiful" and to make a paper-pieced tree, use an owl, deer, bird or hedgehog, 3 photos and stitching. Here's my take on that:
Challenge 2 is to use the word "journey" in the layout, use bare chipboard elements, have pink somewhere on the layout, and use a chipboard alphabet that is painted and different sizes. Here's my entry:

Outside of some of these challenges, I don't really do much scrapbooking, but for some reason being challenged gets my mojo workin'.

Anyway, have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!


celeste said...

THESE are ROCKING MY SOCKS OFF! You should submit them to a scrap mag lady!

latte_grande said...

Wow, I LOVe your Survivor layouts!! How cool is that chipboard sign?!! Love it!
Oh, and thanks so much for linking me in your sidebar! But, dude, that link goes to my old blog! lol Did you know I had a new one, or did you think I was just really boring with the lack of updates? Heehee! :)

Zoey said...

woman you are an artistic queen. i love your art!!! over at tally you said you used nail polish to paint those letters....that is something i would never think of in a million years. love it!