my mom can make any room look cozy.
she can make a simple cup of coffee seem like a once-in-a-lifetime treat.
my mom taught me everything i know about being thrifty. i.e. always hit the clearance rack 1st.
my mom is a woman of faith.
she is committed to doing her best.
she likes to travel.
some might say she is a tad obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness. (those people haven't met the rest of the family)
my mom is a dedicated daughter to her parents.
she is willing to give people a chance who might otherwise be shunned.
my mom used to let me "call in sick to school" sometimes when i was having a rough day.
my mother oozes generosity.
she is creative and talented.
she takes a stand for what she believes is right.
there are very few people as detail-oriented as my mom.
my mother is resilient and independent.
she is a wonderful woman whom i love,

and today i celebrate her. my mom.

happy birthday mom!


celeste said...

that is the sweetest post ever. you and your mom are adorable. happy birthday heidi's mom!

Zoey said...

omg look how cute. what a nice little list about her. hope her bday was lovely.

Christine said...

i love it when daughters appreciate their mothers. this post rocks.

kyralynn said...

y'all are freakin adorable. happy birthday heidi's mother!