Yes, I used to twitter. I also used to myspace and facebook and virb. I still tally and gmail. However, in the interest of keeping things in relatively one place for family, friends, and fellow weblanders, this is going to be the main me place. In other words, I can't find the balance between 79 websites and everything else in my life. :) We still have lives to lead, right? So, here is my up-to-the-moment update for anyone who could possibly care:
  • Kirk is playing the guitar right now while I check e-mail and blog. It's nice.
  • I was at Walden's San Diego office yesterday and today for a training about our upcoming adoptions program.
  • I have something on my nose that I am convinced might could maybe possibly be a basal cell carcinoma. (The internet can be dangerous for us symptom-checkers.)
  • Yes, I am going to call a doctor tomorrow.
  • I haven't been to the doctor for a regular exam in....many, many, many moons.
  • Yes, I know that is very bad.
  • Kirk and I just had Jamocha shakes from Arby's.
  • Yes, I know that is also very bad.
  • I feel perfectly fine otherwise.
  • I am working on several "swap" projects with my fellow tallygals. (halloween cards, holiday "inchies," some scrapbook pages, and holiday cookie recipe ATC's)
  • Tomorrow is a day full of home visits to children in foster care.
  • I am planning a road-trip to Colorado to see family and friends in October. Yay!
  • We helped my brother move into his very first home this week. I think that means he is more of grown-up than me, even though I'm officially just slightly older.
  • I am planning to attend some local activist events, maybe we can help get Obama elected...Even though he isn't far enough left for my liking.
  • This Saturday my friend Danielle and I are having a girls' afternoon to celebrate our birthdays (we are both September babies) together. Looking forward to that!
  • Had enough? I thought so.

Thanks for checking in with me. I have done some more art/papercraft/scrappy projects, photos coming soon. Now would also be the time to put in your requests for handmade holiday gifts! Calendars, wall-hangings, altered items, scrapbooks anyone? I'm poor, so even if you don't ask, you might just receive...in lieu of store-bought gifts, I'm aiming for at least an 80% handmade/DIY gift list this year.

Happy Hump Day Everybody!


Debbie said...

You are so talented. I take it your art supplies in your kitchen do not consist of broken crayons and dried up playdough like mine. I can't believe those Christmas cards. Gorgeous.
I just started on twitter, don't fully grasp it, and can see it will be a huge time-drain. It is hard to know where to draw the line. I'm off to check out your Etsy.

~Kammie~ said...

I hear ya' on too many places to post....I twittered for a bit then after many attempts cancelled that account--no point in that site. MySpace was only used to keep in contact with an old HS friend who now deleted her account, but it had been a way to communicate with my cousin until she finally got a real email address. And one scrap site is enough for me to obsess over LOL, but I have been paying attention more to my FB since old friends and acquaintances have been coming out of the woodwork (our 20th HS reunion is next mth-yikes), but my blogging I keep strictly to my "kreations"

but I am glad to hear that I can keep up with you via my Reader so with every new post you write I will know instantly--love the Reader LOL

looking forward to your next post :O)

Zoey said...

thanks for the update heidi!! i love blogging, keeps everything easy to find.

celeste said...

you rawk! love your blog, love your art, love your style! hope you had a nice weekend.