So I'm Inconsistent....

...what can I say? I'm a woman of too many interests and not enough routine. I don't think I'll name any more posts with days of the week titles because that means I have to remember to do it weekly and that just doesn't seem to be "how I roll." :) So, in other words, you might see more "Saturday Night Clips" and you might not. I don't like rules, that's all.

In crafty news, no, the postman has NOT rung my doorbell, there was a shipping mix-up so I have not yet received my Tally kit, but our trusty leader is on it and I will still post projects when I DO get it in my hot little crafty hands.

In the meantime, I've been working on this stuff:
My contribution to the "Halloween Fantasmagorique Swap" hosted by Rachel and Chris is this little ornament hanging I made from a Coaster...I made 17 of these, along with little boxes to put them in. "Mefiez-vous le chat noir" means "Beware of the black cat" in French to fit the theme:
And this was the monthly card challenge at TallyScrapper, called "Pieces of 8" after the song by STYX. Well you know me, if STYX is involved, I'm there. The challenge was to use 8 pieces of patterned paper and something metal. I punched a flower from a Pepsi can....because I have them in great multitudes. It says "just breathe" and I plan to give it to a yoga buddy who's going through a stressful time.More to come. Happy Lazy Sunday. I have laundry calling my name. I'm ignoring it.


Zoey said...

your halloween ornament is stunning!!! i love love love it. crafty lady!

{raisingAlexis} said...

oh, Heidi, I hope you are in group 2!

These are ROCKIN!

celeste said...

oh me me me me please! can i have one? :) i love halloween.