Mixed Media Progress

I'm enjoying my online mixed media class...the instructor, Suzi Blu, is very inspiring and we are learning to draw/paint/collage a particular folk-art style - "le petit dolls" she calls them...cute little drawings of girls...here is my first attempt at shading:

I'm really loving the feel of art materials in my hands again... Ultimately we are supposed to end up with a wood-burned girl that we draw/watercolor pencil/paint/collage/stamp/decorate on a flat piece of birch plywood. I will continue to post my progress.

Until then, here is an example of one of Suzi's paintings:


Danielle Johnson said...


You are to talented. I am really glad that you are enjoying what you are doing. It was great to see you yesterday also. I do miss our little outings.

Have a great day.


Shan said...

Heidi these ROCK!!

Zoey said...

i really think you are so amazing! i like yours better than hers even, and you say this is your first try. you lie!

latte_grande said...

Holy schmoley, I LOVE yours!!! You amaze me!! I never could draw well, and your little girl is SO frikkin' CUTE!!