Saturday Night Clips on Sunday

This post is a day late because I was partying this weekend with my friends Danielle and Sandee in true papercrafter's fashion...i.e.: lots of patterned paper, glue, stickers, ribbon, and embellishments, loads of yummy food, chic flics, gobs of diet coke, oodles of laughter and general craftapalooza. We had a blast, and got a lot of our pre-holiday stuff done, despite some forgotten jingle bells and a little doggie's sore bum. Let's not go there.

Instead, I'm going to venture out and post a clip that speaks to me. Those who know me likely know that I lean left politically. The more I learn, the farther left I go. I don't identify with any particular political party, but for the sake of discussion let's just say I would rather clean Osama Bin Laden's toilet than call myself a republican.

I have stayed on the fringe of the presidential race this time around, and in the last four years I have been significantly less vigilant about staying on top of politics than I was during the last election cycle. I was so depressed and disheartened when W was actually elected (unlike the first election), I nearly lost hope.

At this time I am not an ardent Obama supporter, but I have found a glimmer of hope and inspiration in the fact that we have at least made enough progress as a nation to entertain the idea that a Woman or a Black Man could actually be elected in this country. It is sure to be an historic election, either way.

I am sharing this clip not because I want to sway your vote, but because if you put party politics aside and really listen, this guy makes some great points. (and let's face it, aren't we all impressed, after listening to ol' dubya for 8 embarrassing years, that we have a candidate who can actually form a sentence without fumbling like a pig on rollerskates trying to tie a bow?)

Give him a try. We CAN disagree without being disagreeable. We CAN be a country the rest of the world looks up to again. We CAN do right by our fellow humans, our brave troops, and our hurting citizens. We CAN!


celeste coltrane said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm still not decided on obama, but he sure has some good ideas to say. Would love to hear more about your thoughts on this as the election comes near.

Zoey said...

PREACH IT GIRL! Amen Amen Amen.

kyralynn said...

That is a great speech, and I think we can, too! I'm embarrassed to say I voted for Bush both times, and at that time just thought that was the way to go, I didn't really look into anything, just voted based on what some other people recommended. I wo't be making that mistake again this time, I am doing lots of research and making my own decision. Way to go for putting this out there. You rock

Lissa Hansen said...

Lady you have it goin ON! It's nice to find another soul mate online. Let's get this country back on track this November!!