Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Not much to say today. It's just....Thursday. I put some of those owl buttons on sale in my etsy shop (see it on the right over there? --->)

....they look so lonely in the shop all by themselves, guess I'll have to make some of my recycled embellies and put those up, too. :)

Anyway....since I am at a loss for words, here is something more interesting to view:

This video just makes me happy....what a sweet, pure voice she has. Whenever I feel crappy, I just go to youtube and watch this cutie - and somehow, it helps. (Before viewing this, you can turn off my other music by scrolling down and pushing the pause button on the player.)

Have a great weekend everybody!


Zoey said...

So cute...and yay for you on the etsy listing! I'll have to go check it out...

Webgrl said...

cool on etsy!!:D I have had plans to open a shop for toooo long.
Wanna swap some buttons?
Thanks for the comment on my blog aww i think u rock too girl!

Danielle Johnson said...

I am a little disappointed that there are no new buttons. Are you feeling alright. J/K Hope you are well