My Little Brother

...aka Golf Professional. Check him out here! Ladies, he's single, bright, and a great golf teacher...and looking to move out of current bachelor pad full of lamebrains...so don't hesitate, he's a catch!

I bet you weren't going to tell me about this video, ey Dan? Well your adoring mother gave me the scoop...I've never seen you say so little in a span of 10 minutes, though, so I'm pretty sure you were nervous. Anyway, congratulations on your promotion - don't forget us little people when you make it big.

As for me, I've still got some kind of flu-ish-y bug. I can only breathe when I'm standing up...which makes most of my daily activities very interesting. Still, I am keeping my fingers crossed it'll be gone before the weekend.

See you tomorrow or Friday with some pics of recent projects I've been working on...

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Lydia said...

lol, my brother wants to be your brother. he doesn't say much huh?