Fun in the Sun

The Walden picnic was a success...good turnout, good weather, good food, and lots of fun for all! I think the kids had a good time, and the parents got to let them loose for a few hours so everyone could relax. Of course I had camera in hand...however, to protect the foster youth's confidentiality, I can't display any of their faces publicly, so I can only share a few photos with you to highlight the event.

What is a summer event without JUMPERS!

My friend and colleague, Danielle....she's a fellow crafty chic, AND a diet soda freak like me. She's good people.

Everyone's warm weather favorite....water balloons!

This is Joyce and Lonnie....Not only are they beautiful people inside and out, they are long time foster parents with Walden. This couple has provided a strong, stable home for hundreds of challenging teen boys (their house is usually full with 5 boys at a time who need support and care) over the course of almost 15 years! They are an inspiration to our entire staff, and to me, they are the true heroes of foster care.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all foster parents out there, thank you for your dedication to showing some of our most needy children what it means to have a family.


Lydia said...

Wow that is so great are you a social worker or something?

Anonymous said...

That is neat, I totally admire foster parents. Glad you had fun!