Design Team Tryouts

I'm kind of nervous, but I'm giving it a try! Every quarter, TallyScrapper has their new Design Team contest, so I've decided to go for it, why the heck not? The requirements are to upload 3 new layouts, so...these are my three entries:The first one is about Joyce and Lonnie Southall, who you may have seen below in the photos from our Walden agency picnic. They are incredibly inspiring people, and worth scrapping about!

This second entry is obviously about Kirk and me, and how we fit together - perfectly.

This last one is a sort of emotional and tactile "to do" list to myself, as a reminder to be true to myself, regardless of what others think. It was inspired by a layout that Elizabeth Kartchner did, I love her style.

The Tally site members vote by awarding points to the different layouts, and the top 6 winners will end up being the new Design Team for the next 3 months.

As a DT member you are required to be active on the website and message boards, upload various projects (scrapbook layouts, cards, photos, altered items) to the galleries, encourage new members, host challenges, and participate in a "cyber crop" online. In return you get a discount in the online store, and one free kit to play with in exchange for uploading your projects to help sell the kit to the members.

The competition is tough, there are so many creative and talented folks over there....I'm hoping to start adding to my creative resume by doing things like this, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the girls will like my layouts. However, there are lots of great entries, so if I don't make it this time, I can always try out again in September. That's the fun of it! :) I'll be sure to post back when the voting is over - July 1.


kyralynn said...

Good luck! I'll vote for ya!

Zoey said...

You go girl, I see those points on tally going up and up and up! I'm glad you are pursuing it!

djomg said...

ooo! nice!
where's the third one tho?
You should put that up too.

Webgrl said...

these rock i hope u get the spot!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to drop out :( i'll try next time tho!