My Inner New Yorker

You Belong in Greenwich Village

Avant garde and bohemian, you're quick to adopt new ideas and lifestyles.

And while you're a bit less weird these days, you still have a "live and let live" philosophy.

According to the silly little quiz above...I belong in Greenwich Village. According to my realtor, I belong in a Lake Elsinore townhome I can't afford. According to my family, I probably belong in Colorado with them. According to my boss, I belong in Temecula, where she lives, maybe so she can pester me and check for sure that I'm really hurling when I take sick time. According to one set of friends, the place for me is Murrieta, as per another set of friends, Riverside. According to my husband, I belong in "an intellectual, artistic area on the east coast." (okay that sounds great!) At one point, I really thought I belonged in Portland. According to "find your spot.com" I belong in Providence, RI. Hmm.

Kirk and I had a horrifying experience with our realtor on Saturday, forced unwillingly into a hard sell situation we weren't prepared for and which got me to thinking - where DO I belong? I could easily adapt to any of the places above. Ultimately, I am convinced Kirk and I could be happy anywhere, so long as we are together and have at least a little space of our own in which to be creative. What realtor really has my interests in mind, in this market, or ever? If we're happy, is there really any harm in renting for years to come? Eventually, most folks end up renting, living with family, or in a rented room in a nursing home, right? I get that buying a home is a "good investment" and "the american dream," but I do question whether these things are true for US.

I'll let you know if and when I get answers to any of this. For now, suffice it to say I feel content, and that's a pretty good feeling.

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