This guy...


Santa Barbara Mini-Escape 2/9-2/12

Kirk's mom invited us to share a hotel room w/her in Santa Barbara for the weekend...and it was good times.  


updates and such

re:  marathon action...

yes!  we did it...the REINCARNATE REDEYES raised just at $1200 for children's miracle network hospitals by playing Guild Wars 2 for 24 hours.  in a row.  as in...6am saturday to 6am sunday.  with lots and lots of caffeine and jumping jack breaks.  woot!

re:  december daily...

getting lots of questions about this over on youtube, and YES i am doing one this year, however, it's going to be much simpler, cleaner, more do-able this year.  more details to come!

re:  my new BFF...

here he is: 

i stole him from miss moss.  :)  but really...he put some serious effort into choosing his environments, and the outfits to match.  i want to go and bust out some moves in cool places now, too!  <3 br="br" this.="this.">

re:  weather...

it is FINALLY starting to feel like autumn up in this bit place.  finally.

re:  you...

fill me in!  drop me a line, an email, a comment, a tweet, a fb update, a text, a note...i want to know how you're doing!

until next time, happy autumn!


gaming for good...

...that's right, i'm doing it again this year! 
Extra Life Charity Game-a-Thon 2012
all donations welcome and gratefully accepted...if you can't give $, send the kids, the hospital staff, and my team positive thoughts as we each battle childhood medical issues in our own way!


maybe i'm amazed...

...at the way you love me all the time  

...the way you always know just what i need

...the way your brain works to create beautiful things

...the knack you have for saying i'm beautiful 
when i'm feeling the most frumpy

...at the way you make me laugh, 
even when i'm trying my hardest to be grumpy

...at the way you encourage my stubborn independence
 instead of trying to tame me

...at the way you support my 
creative endeavors, career, & interests

...at the way you value me for who i am

maybe i'm amazed at the way i really need you.

happy anniversary, my love.